Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just another Update.

House is comin along great!!

Murphy already thinks he owns the place!

Finally some green! One of the trees we transplanted over a month ago is finally showing color. the other five still look dead.

My boys and their camo!!


  1. Oh My GOSH!!!! your house looks so good! I love it! I am so excited for you! No can you post some pictures of your tiny belly (even though you probably don't even have one yet!)

  2. hey, you don't know me, but Ryan and his apartment were good friends with my apartment many years ago! Tell Ryan I say hi. Kyra Davis told me you guys were all still around here (i'm in ucon)and that you had blogs. i love blogs! great way to see what friends are up to! That's awesome you guys are building your own house.