Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer fun!

We gave in and got a little sod for our backyard. Got sick of all the mud. Dogs like it.

Ok, so this might seem a little silly but this is a huge step for baby and mom. This was his first time falling asleep in the swing! He went in happy and fell asleep. I was so excited. For those that don't know... he is at the tail end of colic. It's so great.

Saturday parade. He's making a Nick face.

From our back yard!

Had tin foil dinners with some friends at our house. Played kicked ball and roasted marshmallows too. We don't want to grow up.

yes that is my baby friend is just holding him!

Fun in the sun! Nate and Rach joined us in a trip to the lake. We got Odie and Charlie to swim! However we weren't sure Charlie was gonna make it cuz he started to sink his first try but he's got it now.




Ty and I took a trip to Cody and passed through Yellowstone and saw some cool stuff...ok so he was sleeping or crying through most of it.

Elk in background


He's a happy Gator fan!

Hate this picture of me but love it of Ty

My first sewing project! I made my car seat cover with the help of my mother in law! Thanks!

Trying to upload some videos...keep checking back!


  1. Love the pictures Britt. Hope that everything is going well for you two!

  2. My first thought of the funny face picture was that he looked like Nick - then I saw your comment! :) Hope you're getting some good rest! Love the updates :)