Friday, January 7, 2011

The last month

Ty Update- 6 teeth with more coming. Is walking along walls and furniture pretty well.. and likes to hang on my legs while I do dishes and cook, annoying but also cute. Can wave byebye. Lately he's been imitating people when they scream... yesterday we were listening to a michael jackson song and everyone knows he was known for his high pitch sqeals or whatever you call em, but anyway Tyler heard one and did it too! Also, he still does not like anyone of the male gender except his daddy...dunno why

Tyler has been sick this week and has actually let us hold him for once. He even let us read him a book!!
And I think he enjoyed it. First time actually flipping through pages instead of trying to eat it...

Yes that is drool hanging from his mouth.

Murph got a new bed from Auntie Anne and I never thought he would share cuz he loves it. Tyler must have taught him.

Playing with his new tool set daddy got him for Christmas.

More drool.
Seriously, this kid is not going to know what sport's team to root for. He has so many different influences on him... Florida, Wyoming, Boise, Michigan, Colorado and his newest Florida State. His Uncle Rob snuck him upstairs while we were visiting and changed him into a Florida State outfit without his daddy knowing. But anyway, I'm sure we all know who will win...Like father like son, daddy says "GO GATORS!"

Trip to Great Grandma and Grandpa Webb's house... Tooele Utah

The four Stapleton grandkids. New little Madelyn, (4 weeks or so) Benjamin, Baley and Tyler

Tyler got some apparell too but we hadn't opened it yet!

Tyler was pretty fun Christmas morning and like everyone said, he mostly went for the paper.

New toy from Auntie Anne. Thanks!

Football from Papa and Grancy. Thanks!

Murph even got a present. Bones from Grancy! His favorite!

So cute...looks like he's ready for another one! Now I just have to talk him into it!

He loved Sammie!

Start em young...could give us early retirement.

Big hands!

Daddy's boy #1

Daddy's boy #2


  1. Ah! He is so dang cute! You have such a beautiful family! I can't believe how big Tyler is getting!! Walking along walls already?! Amazing!