Wednesday, August 17, 2011

more fun

videos to come!
Daddy's helper number 1
baller with his badminton racket...

what a goof!

getting free sand for our sandbox

good dog!

Neighbor's dog had puppies!she remind anyone of the bat from Anastasia?...maybe just me.

Dad didn't like this job...meant his boy was growing up! Ty's been sleeping in his fire truck bed for almost a month now...thank you Karie!

Yes, he is asleep...

Cleaning up his own mess:)

Mommy's little helper!

Put in a sand box for him! He loves it.
Daddy's helper number 2!
Ty spilled Chicken least pets are good for something!
Open house at our Vet. Ty wasn't a big fan of any animal bigger than Murphy


  1. Great pictures! Those puppies are so cute. Ellorie is going to be sad that she missed them. I love the picture of Ty sitting on Murphy. Too cute!

  2. Are you done with the nursing puppy pic?? Seriously made me roll over laughing!!