Monday, February 13, 2012

It's time!

Haven't taken too many recent pictures since my camera sd card has been full but this is his new haircut...looks so old! We are now in Las Vegas visiting Ry's family!! Ty was pretty good in the flight, loved the Vegas lights!
We had a little miracle happen with our cat...Short version,we think she hitched a ride in the truck and jumped out 2.5 miles away and she was gone for 2 weeks. With the help of an old man who lives 2 miles away we were able to get her back!! She's happy to be home and everyone else is happy she is too...even Ry!
I guess that is what he gets for leaving his drawer open:) Love you Ry

Yes he looks like a girl especially in Savanna's coat


Ty had a ball at the jump place we went to but unfortunately this was where Ry broke is foot and his pinky toe on the other foot on Christmas Eve...

Ry says I'm cursed when it comes to flying... something always happens. Short version of this flight, we were in the SLC airport from 530am to 1230pm. Ty finally fell asleep. rough day.

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