Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cocomo's Bday

Yesterday was my sister Colleen's 19th bday. I told her I was going to make something special besides her favorite bean dip. It was a good thing I hid our famous family cheesecake at my friend's house because she said she came home and looked straight in the fridge. I tricked her by keeping Ryan's sugar free chocolate pudding pie (which is still good) in the fridge. We had a little get together to celebrate. Here are a few pictures...

My little sister is growing up!

Our friends Lisa Matt and little Thomas... I think we know where Thomas gets his big eyes from!

If I were Thomas I'd be making that same face thinking...who is this weirdo holding me! Nice smile Skinny!

He's so cute!

Skinny's gonna be a great dad...goofy, but great!


  1. looks like fun! we wish we were there to celebrate too!

  2. Avrey...did you notice we are in your house? Ha ha. And yes Britt, Skinny will be a great dad!