Sunday, April 4, 2010

The new addition! Tyler Ryan Stapleton

I’m going to apologize in advance… I can never choose which pictures to put on so I’m just gonna do the majority of them.

The Birth…

Due date March 24th…back pain all day with contractions. Not fun
1030 to 1230am tried to sleep…no luck
Woke up Ryan. Tried again til 2. Back still killing.
Called hospital, they said come in.
Longest ride ever (live 20 min away) Told Ryan, “Don’t kill us but hurry up…actually nevermind it doesn’t matter cuz I’m gonna die anyway”
3:00am Get there, longest walk ever. First 2 entrances were closed.
Wheelchaired me to what seemed like never never land. Was shaking, freezing…dying
Got to birthing room. Took ½ hr to calm down then pain meds for back. Able to sleep from 4-6
6:00am Started pitocin back still hurts
730 doc broke water. 3cm dialated. Diagnosed me with a kidney infection right off bat. He was a little upset the nurses didn’t catch. Got me antibiotics through iv. Said I could get epidural
All anesthesiologists were in surgery. didn’t get epi til 945. Contractions were rough. 6cm now.
Epi helped for while
1045 wasn’t feeling quite right. Gave me different anesthetic. Helped
11:00 Doc came and checked. 8cm. Said plan around 1 cuz he had another surgery. boo
1115- catheter. Hurt. wanted to rip out
Ryan went to sleep. I tried. Woke up with every contraction
1145 something wasn’t right felt pain not pressure contraction after contraction tried to endure
1155 woke Ryan up. Told him to get someone
1200 checked nurse said “time to call doctor he is coming”
Ryan says “I gotta poop. I said no way, I’m having a baby. He came out 20 sec later said he couldn’t do it. Hit him he was gonna be a daddy!”
Pushed before doc came.
Pushed pushed pushed hurt real bad. Ryan held one leg and counted to 10. Had to push all ten seconds. Wanted to yell at him to count faster.
Doc said try to push more down here and not so much in face. Wanted to laugh but just couldn’t bring self to do it.
Finally some hair..pushed Ryan to look. He said no I’m good. Pushed him harder!
He thought head was small until next push and it tripled in size!
Got stuck there for while…pain.
1223 delivery. Ryan cut cord 7 lbs 11 oz. 21 in long. whole head of hair!
Doc said Epi wore off cuz I was feeling more than I should have so I did half natural half not. I think I didn’t push button enough.
Saw placenta…yikes!
Didn’t know he was supposed to be blue! Scared me.

looks asian!

Ryan watching March madness



I love my boys!

Family decorated house...this was one picture!

I love him!

Ryan likes his hair this way...

I like it this way.

Ryan taking advantage of his days off!


  1. He is so gorgeous!!! I love his hair and he is so tan!! Congrats Brittany! I love ya and hope things are going great for you and Ryan and pups!! =)

  2. He is so cute...except for that on picture of him pushing or something...yikes. Love it though.

  3. Okay first of all he is so handsome!!! Serious!!!!!!!!!!! and next after all of that you still look so pretty in the hospital, only you britt, we are so happy for you!!! Can't wait to see you guys!