Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Pics

Besides the getting peed on, waking up in the night, the crying, having to change a diaper right after I put a new one on...I've loved being a mommy! Still hard to believe. Tyler has been a really good baby for the most part. We have good days and bad days. My friend Avrey took most
of these pictures. Thanks Ave!

He did this all by himself!


  1. LOVE these new ones :) you look so beautiful and that baby of yours is adorable :) xoxo

  2. Hey--you're a daddy! Congratulations. We think boys make the best first child :). Oh, btw this is Ben and Kyra Davis, old college friends of Ryan. Your boy is adorable.

  3. Your baby is beautiful! Congrats! Oh, btw this is Hank and Emily, old college friends of Ryan :) We'd love to come visit sometime, and catch up. Ryan can call Hank at 351-6933